Love is a singular word, but encompasses many feelings.


“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”

– Stephen King, On Writing

Stephen King, On Writing

Things for Mac is a beautiful and easy to use task manager software for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. See how I use Things in the GTD method in this post

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About a year ago I started entertaining the idea of utilizing a stand up desk at work. However, this idea was promptly thrown away once I started to research the costs of stand-up desks. Talk about EXPENSIVE! You would think these things were made of gold…who knew standing and working could cost so much more than regular sit-down desks. Have no fear, though. I knew there had to be a cheaper way to achieve this goal and was relentless on finding a way. Through much research I came across an IKEA hack that allowed me to build a stand-up desk for under $80. Here’s how:

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If we desire to grow and reach our potential, we must pay more attention to our character than to our success. We must recognize that personal growth means more than expanding our minds and adding to our skills. It means increasing our capacity as human beings. It means maintaining core integrity, even when it hurts. It means being who we should be, not just being where we want to be. It means maturing our souls.

– John Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential

Character over success

Are you an aspiring web designer/developer, graphic designer, photographer, or podcaster? Great, you and I have something in common. Do you want the latest and greatest software tools from Adobe to help learn your craft, but can’t afford the $2600 price tag for CS6? I feel your pain, but I also have a great solution to the problem.

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We learned that part of our obligation to our good employees was weeding out the bad ones.

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Weeding Out The Bad Ones

At first I was troubled by my doubts. The notion of a living God was a big leap, especially for someone with a logical mind like mine. Surrendering yourself to an Almighty is a challenge to the ego. But I came to realize that struggles and doubts are natural parts of faith. If you haven’t doubted, you probably haven’t thought very hard about what you believe.

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Troubled By My Doubts

In a previous post, “Getting Things Done with the GTD Method,” I provided a brief overview of GTD and why this is my preferred work/time management method. I promised that I would provide a post that shows how I implemented the GTD method. I have decided to create this implementation guide into a six part series because there is just too much information to cover in one blog post. Here is Part 5 of the series – Evernote.

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Ford went on to list the things he would no longer tolerate at the company. “Here is what we will not stand for: incremental change, avoiding risk, thinking short-term, blocking innovation, tying our people’s hands, defending procedures that don’t make sense, and selling what we have instead of what the customer wants,” he said. “In short, we will not stand for business as usual.”

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We Will Not Stand For Business As Usual